We started out in 1997 in Glasgow, Scotland, with the aim of promoting innovative designer jewellery. At the time it was hard to find any well designed modern jewellery outside art galleries, where jewellery was usually the support-act for ‘serious-art’ like painting or sculpture.  We wanted to present jewellery as the ‘headliner’ - in a relaxed and inclusive setting - and so began the story of ORRO.  

To start with we stocked work from recent graduates alongside our in-house designs and in the course of the first couple of years, began adding collections by emerging talents onto the scene as well as those by more recognised names.  Our first major collaboration was with edgy London jeweller Jess James who had just launched the Prayer Ring. These rings with moving blocks revolving round a central band were an immediate hit with our customers, despite being made in platinum and gold with a price tag to match, they were to put it simply “amazing”.  

Our love affair with avant-garde European jewellery design, with its roots in the Bauhaus movement and Minimalism, took off in 1999 when we embarked on a close collaboration with Niessing who have been at the forefront of modern jewellery design since the 1970’s and are probably most famous for their invention of the Tension Ring in that era.  As we became better known other notable designers such as Henrich & Denzel, Angela Hubel, Guenter Wermekes, to name a few, joined ‘the gang’.



Since those early years, we’ve continued to feed our passion for good quality design, showcasing the work of award winning jewellery designers from across Europe, alongside our own collections.  We have remained true to our founding ambition, by promoting cutting-edge modern design, in the form of inspirational wedding and engagement rings among many other stunning pieces.

Still an independent shop, ORRO has become a Glasgow institution with a reputation for its commitment to the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and a distinctive paired-down approach to luxury aesthetics. Owned and run by founder Neil and his partner Wes, with an informal and friendly atmosphere, we welcome you to drop in for a look or to browse the collections online.