The ingenuity of the interchangeable clasp begins with its function, which is secure yet child’s play to work. Everyone who wears this piece of jewellery can open and close the fastening simply by pressing and twisting the spring-loaded clasp. The precision of the mechanism makes it easy enough to open yet totally secure when fastened. A piece of jewellery in its own right it lends itself to any string of beads or necklace that already has the connecting units.   

Invented in 1974 by German designer Jörg Heinz, the interchangeable clasp is more than just a technical innovation, each clasp fulfils the leading principle of modern design: that form should follow function.

Whether integrated into a single pearl or other bead; a gold, platinum or stainless steel piece, interchangeable clasps assure that the wearer can adapt their necklaces to match each outfit and to suit every occasion.