Wesley Zwiep

Wesley grew up in the Netherlands and from an early age was fascinated by the glimmer of gemstones. He was encouraged to be creative from an early age and after beginning his working life in the world of fashion he moved to Scotland in 2008.

Trained in the traditional skills of a goldsmith and in stone setting, Wesley also uses modern technology in his jewellery.

“My work has elements which, in some people, evoke memories of stained glass windows or of mediaeval art, while others contrastingly, see industrial or mechanical forms in it.

I leave it up to the individual to see what they will in my work. Personally my fascination lies in making compositions of shapes and colours that work together and also by introducing moving elements, that help bring the piece alive. “

Wesley’s pieces always have form following function as a prime motivation, the gold rivets on his signature pieces are there as an integral part of the structure, holding it together, they add a decorative detail but this is merely incidental as functionality is their primary purpose.