Flowing reflections of light is the theme Tanja Friedrichs has been exploring since she launched her collection. Pieces such as the Loope, LA and Quiril rings have been inspired by Tanja’s childhood or by everyday experiences. The individual rings of some pieces are loosely intertwined and do not reveal their true form until worn. Other rings are designed from almost one metre of silver or gold wire which appear to spiral endlessly around the wrist or finger. Since the thickness of the metal varies from 1mm to 4mm, each piece of jewellery has its own distinctive character.

Customers with a passion for heavy, bold statement jewellery as well as those with a preference for more delicate elegance are bound to find their favourite piece. The unique tactile properties of the pearl-wire’s structure is fascinating – and due to a special polishing process, each individual bead sparkles and shines. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted by Tanja in her Duisburg studio. 

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