Founded in 1983 PUR is the brainchild of designer Hans Hermann Lingenbrinck, affectionately known to his friends as “Lingi”.

PUR is based in a converted church in a village in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, close to the Dutch border at Venlo.

The name PUR is derived from the company’s concept, to base their production on pure, clear design principles and the highest ethical standards.

Lingi not only insists on using ethically sourced, sustainable materials in his creations, but goes further than current EU regulations to ensure that at no point in their supply chain is there any taint of child labour.  Lingi feels very strongly about this and is proud of the fact that PUR produce their innovative designs in-house, within the EU where workers are paid a decent living wage, rather than resorting to cheap exploitative labour in the far-east, as is the case with so many of the mass produced, jewellery brands currently dominating the high-street.  

Since 2002 PUR has donated part of their profits to support 200 children in an orphanage in Narsapur, India.

Only the finest quality platinum, gold and steel is used in PUR’s innovative jewellery.  In their award winning Swivel® rings they have chosen to use lab-grown gemstones as these allow them to cut shapes and deliver a constant quality and price, impossible with natural gems and without the impact of mining on the environment.  The brilliant cut diamonds and pearls used in the Swivel® rings are natural and ethically sourced.

PUR uses the very latest CNC technology alongside centuries old hand-skills at the goldsmith’s bench. Although the production team is small, their adaptability is second to none and in addition to producing finely wrought pieces of jewellery, amazingly they also turn out precision made surgical instruments.

Over the years PUR has received many awards including the RedDot for Design which they have won on three separate occasions, most recently for the Swivel® ring system’s wearability, versatility, use of colour and ingenuity.

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