Founded as a wedding ring manufacturer in 1873, it was in the 1960’s that Niessing under the direction of Ursula Exner adopted the principles of Bauhaus and became a beacon of light for contemporary designed jewellery.  

Since its invention in 1979, the Niessing Tension Ring has won numerous design awards. The ring’s band securely holds a ‘floating’ diamond thanks to the tensile properties of work-hardened metal. The Niessing Ring has distinguished itself as an icon of modern jewellery and has been accepted into the permanent collections of museums worldwide.

Niessing’s collections wed the classical with the experimental and in the course of its history, the company has amassed a unique wealth of experience in the art of working with precious metals. This tradition expresses itself in the interplay between skilled craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

ORRO first introduced Niessing to Scotland in 1999 and we continue our special partnership to this day.

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