Mark’s inspiration for jewellery came from early contact with gemstones in Australia where his father mined sapphires. Mark learnt to cut and polish these stones spending six years as a gem cutter and later studying jewellery design and making in Sydney. He continues to visit the antipodean sapphire mines where he meets the miners and cutters giving him unique access to rare and beautiful sapphires.

Distinctive sapphires in shades of blue, green and yellow come to life nestled among 18ct gold and silver.

His ‘spiral’ rings and bangles are set with a scattering of precious stones and gold detail. Mark’s latest collection uses tourmalines and aquamarines he cuts to his own unique designs from a collection of rough gemstones.

Using his metalworking, gem-cutting and setting skills Mark’s collection is constantly evolving. Bold lustrous stones such as aquamarines, tourmalines and moonstones framed in gold and silver attract famous collectors and those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and design.

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