Jewellery brand Manu’s founder Ilse Ebert realised at an early stage that many women shared her passion for modern jewellery but could not afford to buy expensive pieces. Since its beginning in 1986 to this day, Manu has stayed true to its principle of ‘sophisticated design at affordable prices’. Manu primarily uses the technique of lamination, fusing silver and 22 carat gold, to bring simplicity and expressive design together. The desired understated look is often achieved using matt or textured surfaces, oxidisation and natural gemstones.

Some necklaces are created using an exchange system, whereby a pendant integrated with the mechanism, can be interchanged and worn on different strands of stone beads, making it entirely adaptable and versatile. 

Johannes Weege, second-generation director of the company, explains, “We believe in simple, authentic design rather than flashy luxury”. 

Manu’s collection, comprising approximately 300 pieces, is regularly updated with new designs each Spring and Autumn.

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