In 1984, Günter Henrich and Roland Denzel, founded their company Henrich & Denzel in Radolfzell; a small town nestling on the shores of Lake Constance Germany.

As well as loving the warmth of gold, both founders were fascinated by the coolness of platinum, an unyielding and technically challenging precious metal, offering new expressions of form. The  ambition of their venture was to create contemporary jewellery with lasting design-quality which would eventually become ‘modern classics’.

To achieve this goal, the two men laid the foundation of H&D’s designs upon the Bauhaus tenet of perfected reduction to the essential.  With its apparent simplicity, functionality and comfort H&D jewellery is a triumph of aesthetic beauty and perfection.

The Platinum H&D uses is 950/1000 purity and the Gold is either 750/1000 (18ct) or 999/1000 (24ct). All diamonds are of excellent cut, colour D to G and clarity IF to Vs2. The same exacting standards apply to all coloured gems.

Every H&D piece is engraved with the company’s seal, the weight, colour and clarity-grades of the diamonds and the purity of the metals. In short, nobody has higher quality than H&D.

Within the jewellery trade, Henrich & Denzel is renowned for its constant drive of innovation and maintains its leading edge with intelligent and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Only when designers, engineers, goldsmiths and stone-setters co-ordinate their talents does the outstanding beauty and serenity of an H&D piece become reality.  Every single piece leaving the premises of H&D must meet the most demanding standards, as each is created for the privileged few who appreciate the enlightened luxury of ‘modern classics’.

Since 1984 H&D has propagated a company spirit of collaboration and team-work. This dedication, performance and reliability amongst its highly qualified team is the most important hallmark in every H&D piece, a precious tradition which is continuously passed along to young apprentices.

Thus, the international reputation of H&D as a leading jewellery maker is due to the entire team who contribute passion, character and pride to their enterprise.

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