Established in 2018 in Austin, TX, Hannah Tomoko stands for jewellery that is simultaneously bold and sculptural, while accentuating elegance and contemporary femininity.

Hannah’s background in European contemporary jewellery and her love for fine art translate into a design philosophy that envisions jewellery pieces as a coherent whole, rather than a combination of parts—no fuss with added on industrial chains, clasps, hooks or studs. Our goal is to challenge established features of Western jewellery design for women, such as the small scale and its subordinate decorative function.

Up to 2019, all pieces were designed and handmade in the US with US sourced and recycled metals. Currently all pieces are handmade by Hannah in Belgium, with US and European recycled metals —and with dedication and perfection! We see a pure production process as an integral part of our mission to create pure design.

"I strive to create pure forms in precious metals that make your style stand out on every occasion with a minimalist yet sophisticated look and luxurious quality".