When Claudia Milic designs her jewellery, she does so with the distinct desire that each piece will fully engage with the senses of her customers. Creating flowing rivers of chains within chains; cascades of silver and gold that glitter and shine, yet remain constrained within a design so elegant it merely caresses the wearer.

„My customer´s sensory experience begins with the visually striking sparkle´, says Claudia. `It continues with the surprising weight and versatility of the chain. This becomes almost sensual when the chain is worn around the neck – subtle, elegant and wonderfully tactile.“

Claudia´s meticulous manufacturing process creates chains from chains; each one compromised of thousands of identical elements. This time-consuming and repetitive process, which Claudia describes as being `mediative´, is carried out using traditional methods. From simple, traditionally machine-tooled chains, Claudia creates the most exceptional and sophisticated pieces of jewellery, each one individually handcrafted and unique.

„I am fascinated by the process of arranging the unfathomable into the harmonious´, continues Claudia. `At first glance, my jewellery could appear as mere chains wrought in silver and gold, yet upon closer inspection, their true intricacies are revealed. They intrigue on so many levels.“

Claudia has the ability to take a concept as strong, binding and immovable as a chain, and turn it into something fluid, adaptable and tactile; creating a bond with the wearer that will transcend any fleeting fashion trends to become as enduring and timeless as the concept itself.


Claudia Milić draws inspiration for her harmonious, exquisite pieces from nature, the forest or the river that are just a short walk away from her atelier. Interaction with other art forms like music, art or dance also inspire her and sharpen her visual intuition.

“Elementary things are important to me. They give me the energy and peace I need to be creative,” she explains.

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