“Of all the parts of the body that can be adorned, the hand is the one most frequently in motion. This constant movement makes the ring the most animated piece of jewellery, always the centre of attention.”

Very few jewellers deal as intensely and exclusively with rings as Angela Hübel does. She has created a sophisticated collection that, in all its forms, can be traced back to a common denominator: Angela sees rings as art-works with a unique power of expression…“I like to design sculptural rings that create surprising effects on the hands of those who wear them.” 

Angela’s designs are the result of a well planned and lengthy development process…“Inspiration isn‘t magic…ideas don‘t drop out of the sky”, she says.

Angela Hübel’s name has become synonymous with unconventional, sculptural ring forms that flow with the anatomy of the hand, each ring combines an optimal feeling of comfort with a strong aesthetic.

Angela’s bold rings appeal to women who wear jewellery as a means of expressing themselves, their confidence and their personality.

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