Rose Gold Pointed Oval Flat Wedding Rings

For more than 100 years, Niessing has been forging its classic rings from one piece, absolutely seamless. There is no beginning and no end. The perfect, long-lasting symbol for your relationship. A Niessing wedding ring “Pointed Oval/Flat” has soft, rounded edges, making it comfortable to wear, like a second skin. If you wish, your ring can become even more precious by adding diamonds. These may either be “rubbed in”, i.e. set into protective grooves in the ring, where they are held securely. Or the diamonds are held in a pointed setting, which is manufactured exclusively by Niessing: four tiny “points” to hold each stone. The diamonds’ sparkle and beauty come out to their best. Ring, setting, and diamond form a symbiosis. The stones are either set in a clear line or dispersed irregularly, as a starry sky. Also available with one single diamond.

Guide Price:

Oval Flat Wedding Rings
18ct Rose gold
5mm wide
£740,- (each)


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