Gold & Platinum Crystal Diamond Necklaces

A length of platinum or gold sheet is spread out and then folded by hand to form a crystalline body. Extremely fine, laser-engraved lines define the pattern for the length of precious metal, providing the folding edges and the basic shape for the regular, geometric body. The individual facets determine the geometry and the number of surfaces and edges.

Guide Price:

Large Gold Pendant
18ct Yellow gold
22mm wide
42 Fvs brilliant cut diamonds (0.003ct each)
£4560,- (pictured)
£2865,- (without diamonds)

Coil Necklace 
18ct yellow gold 
1mm wide 
430mm long

Medium Platinum Pendant
18ct Yellow gold
16mm wide
30 Fvs brilliant cut diamonds (0.003ct each)
£3985,- (pictured)
£2765,- (without diamonds)

Coil Necklace
1mm wide
430mm long


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