Two Parts! Patrick Malotki divides things and reunites them. This principle is followed by nearly all of his ring creations. 

His CRACKLE rings show this in a special way: in the first developmental phase, Malotki arranged to have iron rings broken open. The ensuing crack is impressive on its own or, thanks to the inherent tension of the material, it can securely hold a diamond or a gold nugget. Now the distinctive lines of the CRACKLE rings are cut with the aid of a laser. Jewellery lovers can choose among eleven variants. 

GEMINI, by contrast, doesn’t look quite so archaic. Two parts, each the mirror-image of the other, finely and precisely unite to create a single whole. The rings are either monochrome or in contrasting colours. 

The HEART, EIGHT and BOW creations are very sensual and noble. Fine and sometimes small notches accentuate the surfaces of these rings. They send messages which are understood only by those who experience both rings together. 

DUETT is probably the logical evolution. These elegant rings are freely mobile, yet simultaneously inseparable. One becomes two. And vice versa. 

With his rings, Patrick Malotki celebrates the power of togetherness in a society that often glorifies egotism.