Hubert Verstraeten received his training in Pforzheim (Germany) and opened his workshop in his native Brussels in 1999. He has distinguished himself from other jewellery designers by adopting the approach of applied art in order to come close to a formal language that uses techniques from serial production (3D, electro‐ erosion, injection moulding) and contemporary materials such as stainless steel, polycarbonate and aramith.

His SQUARING THE CIRCLE collection comprises rings which are round when worn on one side, and square when put on the other side. Without any perceptible transition, the inside of the ring changes from a circle to a square.

Another transitional ring collection are his MULTIPLE RINGS.  They are constructive, novel and above all human. In circular or square form, the attraction of these steel rings is the rings is the way they articulate, the interplay of opening and closing. A ring and a play-thing.

One of Hubert’s most iconic collections is THIRD WAY.  Each piece is cut from a solid block of stainless steel using spark erosion technology.

In a departure from metals Bakelite is used as the core material and component in Hubert’s TAMAWA collection. Hubert had the idea for this bright, fun collection after meeting the owner of a snooker ball manufacturer at a dinner party. Their discussion on the production method of snooker balls from an ester called amarith ( a Belgian invention) sparked Hubert’s creative mind into action and he began to design a complete collection utilising this bright, colourful and hardwiring material.

Apart from his own collections Hubert also designed the LABYRINTH ring series for Niessing and the SQUARE watch for Swiss watch manufactory Ventura.


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