“Of all the parts of the body that can be adorned, the hand is the one most frequently in motion. This continual movement makes the ring the most lively piece of jewellery, it always occupies the centre of attention.”

Very few jewellers deal as intensely and exclusively with the ring theme as Angela Hübel does. She has changed this theme into a sophisticated collection that, in all its variety, can be traced back to a common denominator: she considers rings as independent sculptures with an exclusive power of expression; the appearance changes when placed on the finger, accentuating and highlighting the hand; it becomes a natural part of the body. This is achieved because of a well planned and lengthy development process as the basis for every design.

“Inspiration isn‘t magic. Ideas don‘t drop out of the sky. Good ideas come from intensive cognitive and experimental work motivated by the pleasure of designing jewellery.”

Angela Hübel belongs to a generation of jewellery designers who in the 80s and 90s established themselves in the jewellery market purely through production companies marked by their personalities and designs. Today, her name has become synonymous with unconventional, sculptural ring forms.

“I study the anatomy of the hand so that the each ring‘s design combines an optimal feeling with a convincing formal aesthetic.”

The success of a jewellery collection which is as unconventional and intellectually discriminating as Angela Hübel’s suggests a transformation has occurred on the jewellery market. Many women no longer identify themselves with designs that are oriented according to whatever is superficially fashionable, shallowly decorative or of overt material value. Instead, they experience the act of wearing jewellery as a confrontation with themselves, their personality and their body.

“I like to design sculptural rings that create surprising effects on the hands of those who wear them.”


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Angela Hubel - Diamond Row Ring - Yellow gold 18ct