The use of only the finest exotic skins including stingray and python, from around the globe makes any piece from A CUCKOO MOMENT’s collection highly desirable. One-of-a-kind, designer Lia Fallschessel plays upon the notion of crafting understated luxury accessories that can’t be ignored. Balancing bright colours with simplistic design means each piece remain elegant with a show-off finish.

The collection has been produced the same way since launching in 2005 with designer Lia Fallschessel’s passion for exotic skins only growing stronger.

In a bevy of bright shades, each season can comprise of up to 29 different stingray leather colours, 16 in ostrich and 19 in crocodile leather and 42 in snake and 69 in python.

The benefits of using materials like ethically sourced stingray leathers mean the brand is able to craft jewellery that is more durable and long lasting. Stingray leather is also fire-resistant and doesn’t need a specialist cleaner to preserve its surface.