As a rule, Erik Urbschat’s pieces of jewellery do not begin life as a drawing but are the result of an experimental development process. Quite often, it all starts with him playing with a particular technique, eager to discover its boundaries. The goal of Erik’s work is to achieve the ideal combination of form, material and technique in each piece.

“My jewellery is the result of a continuous process, the fascination for a certain technique and the desire to explore its limits.”

One of Erik’s award winning designs – the Turnus bracelet – was inspired by a child’s toy belonging to one of his children. The diameter of the Turnus bracelet can be increased or decreased by a 180° twist so that Turnus can be conveniently put on and worn.

In 1999 Erik was acknowledged as a professional, independent artist by Munich’s Academy of Fine Arts and in 2007 he won Inhorgenta Europe’s Innovation Award.