A simple, gold or platinum wedding ring, a perfect circle milled from a solid piece of metal, with no beginning and no end; its form is timeless and free from the currents of fashion.  A wedding ring’s power and symbolism is in its simplicity and clarity.

Each and every wedding ring from ORRO is individually made to order: only you determine precisely how your wedding ring will look.

The following “6 Steps to a Wedding Ring” will help you find beautiful, simple wedding rings to symbolise your relationship.

The shape of a wedding ring is primarily what determines its character. In addition to purely aesthetic aspects, the ring’s shape also determines the comfort of wearing it. A ring that is slightly curved on the inside, for instance, is very comfortable to wear. Trying on some of the many wedding rings available at ORRO is the best way to find out more about how they look and feel on your finger.

Do you want your wedding ring to be a discrete symbol or do you wish to make a statement? Our wedding rings can be finely adjusted to half millimetre variations in width, all individually made to measure to suit your ideas and your personality.

Does the warmth of gold fascinate you or do you love clean white platinum for its understatement? We offer wedding rings in seven different shades of gold or in pure white platinum to meet the tastes of individual personalities. This wide choice may seem daunting at first, but with our help you will find it simple to decide which material and which colour is right for you.

You can choose from 7 different surface finishes. Each of these has its very own characteristic effect. A polished finish, for instance, will reflect your surroundings, constantly changing your wedding ring’s appearance, while a silk-matt finish will more clearly bring out your wedding ring’s shape. All surfaces will change with time; no matter how hard the metal, life will always leave its little marks. Of course you can easily have the rings refinished. But perhaps you would rather have your wedding rings tell their story.

To add or not to add a shining accent to your wedding ring?  The brilliant cut diamond fascinates with 57 sparkling facets. It refracts light into its spectrum and reflects almost all of it.  You may wish to have a diamond included immediately or you may add one or more later on. Your future together will hold plenty opportunities.

Usually initials, a date, a message, or a little secret which makes your wedding ring truly personal and unique. Apart from different typefaces and techniques, such as laser or hand-engraving, you can also have a facsimile engraving reproducing exactly a personal drawing, your handwriting or even a fingerprint.

Profiles & Widts Colour and texture Diamonds and engraving